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Gavin Catt has always loved reading Science Fiction and being creative. Gavin loved creative writing in school, but he was never encouraged to do so. In 2011 Gavin started writing music, and around 2015, decided to try to write his first book, however, he didn't know how.


Gavin decided to take note of the various writing techniques of various Sci Fi authors, and he has developed his own flowing narrative style. At the start of 2019, he was ready, but he was still developing concepts, and in October 2019, Gavin started to write his debut novel, "Sanctuary".

"Sanctuary" was the first novel released in the Sanctuary Series in October 2021, and then "Prelude to Sanctuary" following early in 2022. In late November 2022 "Project Genesis" is released.


"The Dimension War" started the publishing process in August 2022 and "Sanctuary: Destiny" was submitted to Olympia Publishers in September 2023. "Sanctuary: Destiny" is the final novel in the five novel Sanctuary Series.

Gavin has said that "I have changed the order of the books from the order published, to an order that better reflects the story line in this groundbreaking series."

The order is "Prelude to Sanctuary" (Book One), "Sanctuary" (Book Two), "Project Genesis" (Book Three), 

"The Dimension War" (Book Four) and "Sanctuary: Destiny" (Book Five).

Gavin is now working on his next Science Fiction novel.

Gavin is passionate about quality story lines, with believable technologies and characters. Gavin Catt is writing prolifically and is constantly exploring the Science Fiction genre and new ideas. It’s incredibly hard work, but Gavin is never happier than when he is sitting down at a desk or table, writing words for a new book, or typing out his manuscript drafts.

Gavin Catt is published by Olympia Publishers and Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)

Olympia Publishers - Publishing House based in London

For the Author Page of Gavin Catt, please follow the link below to;

Gavin Catt – Olympia Publishers


Books by Gavin Catt

"Prelude to Sanctuary"          Published by Olympia Publishers London

"Sanctuary"                            Published by Olympia Publishers London

"Project Genesis"                   Published by Olympia Publishers London

"The Dimension War"             Published by Olympia Publishers London   

"Sanctuary: Destiny"             Coming in mid 2024

"The Reaper and the Sun"     Published by Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)

"The Prism"                            Coming Soon

"Sanctuary: Origins"              To be announced

Other titles are Coming!

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